4 Tips To Create A Staycation

1 | Put on theme music and cook a meal

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is put on some music that goes with the meal theme. Typically in our house, that means Dean Martin is crooning while I snack on some meat and cheese and a little chianti and cook a traditional Italian meal. Sometimes, I transport myself to Mexico. Other times, I put on Jimmy Buffet and pretend I’m at the beach. Whatever your preference, this transforms a typical dinner to a fun, new experience.

Cooking not your thing? Order takeout! No one likes to clean up dishes on vacations anyways, so why interrupt yours with that nonsense? 😉


2 | Dine outside

Whenever the weather allows, my husband and I love to eat on our deck. Something about it makes me think of the al fresco dinner parties in Europe. If  you have kids, let them play restaurant and be your servers! It’s a win-win because they’ll have a ball as well!


3 | Spa night

Transform your skincare routine into a spa night! Whether you do DIY facemasks with your kids, make yourself a bubble bath and a cup of tea, or put essential oils in coconut oil for a DIY massage oil! Whatever you have lying around—get creative with it and pamper yourself and your loved ones!


4 | Light a candle

Scent can take us places in an instant! Grab our Staycation candle, close a door, and put on a noise machine to be transported from your living room to an exotic tropical resort.  Staycation was specifically formulated to bring us back to those wonderful beach vacation memories. With it’s strong coconut base notes and lingering notes of bamboo, we recommend pairing it with a piña colada or a Coconut La Croix, whatever you prefer!