Turning homes into havens

Haven Candle Co. was to created to turn up the cozy factor in your house. Whether you’re hosting friends, indulging in self-care, or you just want to unwind with a good book, we’re your go-to candle. 

Hand poured in Omaha, Ne

Hand poured means every single step is taken with great care, and you get to see the faces who make them.

We methodically source all our materials and oils to ensure the longest, cleanest burn. All our candles are poured, prepped, and shipped to you by hand with love!

Custom Branded

Does your cmpany or group need candles for a fundraiser, announcement, client gift or employee gift? We love patrnering with businessess, nonprofits, and others to make something that feels unique and thoughtful.


Candles as wedding favors are a unique, personalized way to thank your guests. Whaever your wedding aesthetic, we can create a candle to match with a scent your guests will love.